ENECA is a local non-governmental organization based in Nis, registered in 2005. Our mission is sustainable local development in the Southeast Europe (SEE). We strive to continuously and consistently follow and meet our clients’ and partners’ needs, providing the environment, which would improve their business, knowledge, skills and abilities. We are completely dedicated to socially responsible business activities taking care of human needs and preserving natural resources.

Public call for participation in the creation of Public Policy Concepts
Public call for participation in the creation of Public Policy Concepts

We invite all residents of Nis to participate in the decision-making process for creating a favorable business environment for micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs in the city of Nis through the development of strategic development documents and public policy concepts. In order to gather suggestions from as many people as possible, we created short questionnaires for the sectors of agriculture, innovation and MSMEs.

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Through the “Startup for your business” program, ENECA and Philip Morris have supported the establishment, expansion and improvement of business for about 900 small and family businesses in 116 municipalities in Serbia for 10 years. At the initiative of entrepreneurs who participated in the Program, the Association “Startup for your business” was founded.


With the project “South Serbia delicates basket”, the ENECA organization supported 18 agricultural farms from the south of Serbia that are engaged in fruit and vegetable processing, but also rural tourism. We are very glad that we had the opportunity to contribute to building the capacity of agricultural farms from the south of Serbia and diversifying their activities.