Rezultati konkursa za biznise

Completed selection of companies within the application for businesses from the food sector

Twenty (20) final beneficiaries were selected within the project “Empowered Businesses for Youth Employment” implemented by ENECA and the Business Development Center Kragujevac (RBC), and funded by the Kingdom of Norway through the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) program.

The aim of the project is to promote inclusive growth by strengthening capacity and competitiveness in the food industry sector and to improve employment opportunities for young people in the Jablanica and Raska districts. The competition envisages support for entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium enterprises from the food sector, registered in the area of ​​Jablanica and Raska districts.

Selected final beneficiaries who will receive

  • mentoring and consulting support;
  • the opportunity to participate in a regional promotional event and
  • business certification are:
  1. Tr.Marinkovic S Karađorđevac
  2. Bellcini
  3. Mea Compa
  4. AD Pekara Polet Novi Pazar
  5. Planinsko Blago DOO
  6. Garić Promet
  7. Eko-Pešter Čarovina
  8. Vinarija Aquila Bogojevce
  9. Black Grass
  10. Južna Pruga DOO
  11. Radanska Ruža DOO
  12. Preduzeće za proizvodnju, trgovinu I usluge “NID” DOO
  13. Petrović-Rasovača
  14. Proizvodna radnja „Šampinjon centar“
  15. MP Đorđević MES
  16. Preduzeće za profesionalnu rehabilitaciju I zapošljavanje osoba sa invaliditetom CHRONO DOO
  17. Milena Stojiljković PR, Prerada mleka i proizvodnja sireva fabrika mleka Lebane
  18. Zanatska radnja „Sve pod sač“
  19. Radan produkt DOO
  20. Ukusi Šumadije

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