In Deli space, on 26th and 27th of October, the first Climathon, organized by ENECA and Proaktiv, was held in Nis, and the topic was “Development and improvement of green infrastructure in the function of adaptation to climate change”. The winner of this year’s competition and the team with the most innovative idea are the Lizards, who presented green roofs and turbines on wind energy, as well as their application in the city.

Climathon is a world event that is being organized this year in over 100 cities around the planet. Climathon is a 24-hour global event, organized by Climate-KIC (the largest public-private partnership dealing with finding the best way to resolve the problems considering climate change through innovation), supported by the official EU institution – the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

The competition was attended by 25 competitors divided into 5 teams who had the task of finding a conceptual solution in 24 hours on the topic of improving green infrastructure so that Nis could adapt and gain a perspective to a climate change. The theme of this year’s Climathon was defined by the Secretariat for Environmental Protection, and the main sponsor Credit Agricole Bank recognized the importance of holding this competition and provided a prize for the winning team.

After 24 hours of work, workshops, research and short breaks, the teams finalized their proposals, ideas and solutions in order to present them to the commission in the best possible way. The team that presented, according to the commission, the most innovative, and at the same time sustainable and applicable idea in this short time, is the Lizards team. It is about the construction of green roofs in problematic areas in the city, as well as the application of hydroponics, solar panels and turbines in order to generate energy for city lighting and reduce emissions.

The members of the commission were:

  • Vladan Risantijević – ENECA;
  • Aleksandra Brzaković – Secretariat for Environmental Protection;
  • Vladimir Milosevic – Credit Agricole Serbia;
  • Prof. Dr. Bojan Zlatkovic – Faculty of Natural Science;
  • Prof. Dr. Slobodan Milutinovic – Faculty of Occupational Safety.

We thank the professors, the Secretariat, Credit Agricole Bank, Deli and the participants in the successful competition and we wish good luck in further work and the implementation of environmental solutions for a better, more beautiful and healthier city of Nis.

You can find more details about the course of the competition on the ENECA Facebook and Twitter pages.