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Procurement within the program Startup for your business – tender II

In November 2018, ENECA started the implementation of the Startup for your business project, funded by Philip Mirris Operations a.d. The project is intended for people with a healthy business idea to start or develop their own business, with the aim of stimulating small businesses, i.e. improving existing businesses through donations and providing business and professional training, which will make it easier for future entrepreneurs to start a business and provide better chances for success. .

Within this project, ENECA has started the procurement of equipment needed to start, i.e. develop independent economic activities of selected clients through tender II, which has just been announced. 

Conditions for application

The bidder can be:

  • Each company registered for the production and / or trade of the listed items.
  • A company whose account has not been blocked – with a bill of exchange or a bank guarantee.

The bidder can apply:

Either for the specified quantity of the individual item from the specification or for all items. In any case, the quantities stated for each item must be complied with. ENECA reserves the right to select the most favorable bidders per item and reserves the right to change the quantity in the order.

We hereby invite all interested companies to participate in the process of procurement of equipment by sending their offer for defined equipment. 

You can download the tender documentation required  for bidding at the following linksRequest for Bid  and  Financial Bid .

We encourage all companies to contact the person(s) in charge of organizing the tender on 018 / 240-306 or 018 / 528-228 in order to get additional clarifications.

The tender will be open to all bidders until October 14 at 12 o’clock.

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